SIZHENG SIZ 130 Anti riot voice pickup 52dB audio monitoring security accessory for CCTV cameras in CCTV Microphone from Security Protection

SIZHENG SIZ 130 Anti riot voice pickup 52dB audio monitoring security accessory for CCTV cameras in CCTV Microphone from Security Protection
SIZHENG SIZ 130 Anti riot voice pickup 52dB audio monitoring security accessory for CCTV cameras in CCTV Microphone from Security Protection

Product Specification

Model Number: SIZ-130

Brand Name: SIZHENG

Type: CCTV Mircophone

Sound Monitor Range: 10-50㎡

Sensitivity: -52dB

Power Supply: DC9V-18V (recommend to use 12V, more than 500 meters recommended 15V)

Main Material: Aluminium alloy

Product Size: 50*45*19(mm)

Style: Mini

Warranty: 12 months



SIZHENG SIZ-130 Anti-riot voice pickup -52dB audio monitoring security accessory for CCTV cameras 

 Key Features of SIZHENG SIZ-130 cctv audio microphone  

1.Vandal-proof audio monitor, wire can be buried in the wall, screw hidden inside a wall, and more firmly fixed.

2.Prison special vandalproof metal housing audio monitor, product is elegant appearance, easy to install and fixation.

3.Using adjustable sensitivity design, monitoring range is up to 10-50 square meters.

4.After using a two-stage amplifier, output signal amplitude is very strong, reliably protect backend and transmission quality. 

5.Widely used in the prison, detention and interrogation room, drug rehabilitation center, and other indoor audio monitoring places.


 Specifications of SIZHENG SIZ-130 cctv audio microphone 

Items Performance Metrics
Audio Monitor Range 10-50 square meters (adjustable)
Audio Transmission Distance  1000m
Frequency Response 200Hz~10kHz
Sensitivity -52dB
SNR 65dB ( 1m40 dB)40dB (10 m40 dB) 1KHz at 1 Pa
Directional Property Omnidirectional
Dynamic Range 40dB (1KHz at Max dB SPL)
Max Sound Pressure 80dB SPL (1KHz,THD 1%)
Output Impedance 600 ~ 1000Ω non-equilibrium
Signal Amplitude 2.5Vpp/-25db
Microphone  Electret condenser microphone
Connection Way 3 leading wires: red wire is power+ (V) , 
black wire is power-& audio signal- (G), white is audio signal+ (A)
Transmission Cable RVV cable 
(pls use shield cable in complex electromagnetic environment)
Supply Voltage DC9V-18V
(recommend to use 12V, more than 500 meters recommended 15V)
Working Current 25mA
Housing Material Aluminium alloy
Color Silvery
Product Size 50mm*45mm*19mm
Place of Origin Guangzhou, China


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